Contact Information

Our Ministry Contact Number is 1(405) 209-4870 or you can reach us at

Ministry office….. U.C.D.M. Foundation  35329 Wilderness Shores Way 22508

Fees and Contributions

The U.C.D.M. Foundation of Clinical Christian Counseling Practice is not subsidized by any church or organization. We do not charge fees for ministry of the Gospel.      (1 Corinthians 9:18) we do ask each individual, couple, family or their sponsor be prepared to make a monetary contribution toward the general operating and administrative expenses of our counseling ministry via our donation schedule.

Christian Counseling is a ministry as unto the Lord, and we will never turn away any believer or non believer in need due to monetary inability. Please contact our office for special arrangements. At this time our office does not take insurance, therefore any insurance claims cannot be submitted.

Because of the nature of our ministry, we do not do online or telephone counseling, but all meetings must be made in person. We feel that due to the unique nature of the ministry of counseling, it is extremely important that our potential clients be present at the time of the scheduled meeting time and location.

Professional   Memberships

Society for Christian Psychology International Society of Deliverance Ministers National Christian Counselors Association