About Us

We are a fully functioning, (501-C3 pending I.R.S.) Non-Profit ministry that is licensed and certified by The National Christian Counselors Association.

National Christian Counselors Association

N.C.C.A. provides training with a Christian perspective to Psychology and a clinical approach to marital issues, disorders, and addictions. This education and method of testing is highly professional and yields the most accurate results that have been seen in years. This information, along with the word of God, produces insight into the lives of our clients that is truly inspirational and insightful.

We use the “Arno Profile System” as a measuring tool. This system gives us a very clear indication of the inborn temperament that resides in all of us. This information can be extremely useful in determining problems in marriage, depression, anger, and a host of other issues that face us in our busy lives. We have found through extensive research that this method of testing gives us a 90% success rate in achieving our counseling goals.

We specialize in marriage and relationship therapy, divorce and communication therapy, as well as pre-marital counseling. So many times couples do not know how to communicate properly with each other.  We hear couples say “I just don’t understand him/her”.  We teach couples how to communicate more effectively, which makes marriages better. Our services include but not limited to counseling in the following areas.

Individual/Personal Counseling                Marriage counseling            Pre-Marriage Counseling

Family Counseling      Divorce recovery      Anger and Rage Issues       Relationship Issues

Anxiety, stress and worry        Conflict management and mediation       Grief and Loss

Spiritual issues and Concerns             Deliverance Counseling              Generational Issues

Life Coaching             Forgiveness Therapy           Communication Therapy        Lost loves issues